The Celtic Tree Calendar

The Ancestors (The Trees)

The trees of the Celtic calendar are sign posts along the way for us. They have attributes and characteristics which offer us an opportunity to explore our own inner world guided by the wisdom of our ancestors. Each tree aligns with one of the thirteen moons of the year. Beginning at the time of Samhain, or the Celtic new year, with the Reed. All things of the natural world were honoured by the Celts, and all things represented the connection with life. In this way, the reed was highly revered for it's usefulness in the day to day practices of the Celts. Some of the themes of this versatile plant are

  • Purpose
  • Protection
  • Purification
  •  Clarification
  • Communication

Every four weeks we will hold a zoom call to unfold the guidance, rituals and practices assigned to this time of year and how this wisdom integrates into our lives to support us living more authentically.

The Beech Tree


The Goddess

The Beech tree also known as the Goddess tree. Both the invitation to and the complete journey are held within her. As the other trees take a certain point and theme within the Celtic calendar the Beech tree holds the whole calendar in her body. She symbolises 

  • Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Sustenance
  • Preservation

She is the part of us that urges us to awaken to the deeper places within ourselves as she embraces us on the often challenging path home. This is why she is depicted in the motif for The Way Home